Welcome To Homalocks (UK) Limited

As of 14th August 2017 Ace Supplies UK Ltd acquired the trading name, stock and customer data of Homalocks (UK) Limited.

ACE Supplies UK Ltd, established in 1981 is a specialist supplier of plastic buckles, fasteners and fixing systems.Set up to supply OEMs with design conscious fastening systems, we aim to provide cost effective solutions, without compromise to form or function. We are one of the largest distributors of the leading brands ITW Nexus and Due Emme (2M) and our product range also includes the following:

* Wide variety of engineered plastics buckles and components

* Narrow fabrics and webbings in a variety of sizes & colours

* RIPFAST®, our own brand of hook & loop tape

* Custom made sewn assemblies

* STRAPLINE our own range of webbing straps and handles

* Custom made plastic injection moulded parts

Our products are supplied to a wide range of industries including the MOD, Medical, Marine, Personal Protection Equipment, Sports and Leisure and many more.

Please visit: www.acesupplies.co.uk