Homalocks has been working in the field of fastening technology for wellover 45 years, supplying high quality fittings and accessories. Long-term marketing, and the cultivation of a responsible partnership with customers and suppliers alike, influence our actions. In this way we contribute to the continued success of our customers and build on ourgood connections as the market leader.

We aim to offer the most extensive range of thermoplastic components available on the market from a variety of major European producers including genuine products of 2M - DUE EMME

As a protection against falsification genuine Due Emme products can be identified by the 2M trade mark

Developing the right products with the right partners for the right application, we continually bring innovations to the market place.

A product line able to satisfy the strictest demands of technology and design. Anywhere there is a need for fastening, closing, adjusting and handling:

  • Sporting
  • Apparel
  • Luggage
  • Nursery
  • Safety
  • Military

With continued policies of investment together with modern premises and logistic systems ensures an ability to remain responsive to customers' requirements and maintain a reputation for quality, service and competitiveness.

As an Independent Supplier, working with a variety of European suppliers and manufacturers we are able to offer and supply an extensive range of designs and sizes.